Glass quilt collaboration Doernbecher Children’s Hospital – Portland, OR


This 45×45″ glass quilt was recently installed in the new Oregon Health Science University Rood building on the Portland waterfront.  The first piece of art for the family stay unit in the building.  Sold at auction for 12,000.00!  Each plate designed by the child was sold for 1,000.00.  There are 12 plates total.

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Glass fusion mural created for Bernstein Artful Learning Celebration…Jackson Middle School and Village Glass Studio…Portland,OR

Paste a Video URL Middle School students filmed in the creative glass fusion process. Fused glass mural completed and installed at the entrance of the school in timely celebration of the Artful Learning program funded by the Leonard Bernstein Foundation and Jackson Middle School PTA , staff and students.

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A Fragile World, A Fused Glass World.
SAMSUNG A Fragile World, A Fused Glass World.

welcome complete 003welcome complete 004

Welcome to my world of glass!

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My Plate – Hartley Elementary Portland, OR

slideshow 073slideshow 081 Healthy Active Schools Initiative received grants for five schools in the Gresham Reynold’s district  to create art to support the promotion and appeal of healthy options.    5 artists were requested to design and complete a mural or signage prompts for healthy choices.

I worked with 75 students at Harvey Elementary.   Each classroom designed a plate with portions and in groups of two, designed tiles using hand drawn-cut stencils and fine crushed glass.  Three 36″ plates designed to symbolize healthy portions, and a knife, fork, spoon were also cut and designed with the students .



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Totems of Natural Science

Third through Fifth grade – 6 classrooms – 150 students and 6 totems- 6 ft  placed above the entrance of Redland Elementary library .

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Windows of Communication


Ann Ott-Cooper,  Art teacher at Jackson Middle School was offered free metal plates by a parent.  Fortunately, I was asked to collaborate  with such an amazing teacher and creative friend.  I carried the plates to our local pub one sunny Summer afternoon and asked the locals what they thought.  It was a fun experiment but not quite enough to complete this project with 60 students.  In the end, we decided to build glass plates with frames and windows where symbols of communication told a story.  The students connected the windows by gluing small glass pieces and shapes around the metal windows to guide the viewer from window to window.   Students xeroxed contact film and added black and white images to the actual 14″x14″ glass plate.  The metal plates were attached to the front of the glass plates.

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Students worked in groups of 4 to design lanterns that would be sold at the school auction.

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A Fragile World – A Fused Glass World

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Grout Elementary SE Portland,OR made great strides over the past 5 years to introduce 500 students grades 4th and 5th to the Art and Science of glass.  This year I met my final 100 students who had just begun First … Continue reading

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Hello World!

I just want to welcome you to my world of glass.  As a resident artist in Portland, Oregon, I have had the opportunity to reach over a thousand students in the public and private schools.  These are a few of the projects that were installed in the schools over the past 10 years. Students learned the medium, techniques and also the Science of glass.  It has been a fun adventure!

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Van Gogh in Glass?

I was requested as a resident artist in an elementary school to complete a mural using a crushed glass technique.  Little did I know the teachers would prepare a Van Gogh drawing instead of a simple outline of the 8-year old student’s drawing of trees.   I was amazed the student and I could manage such a huge challenge.  We did it!


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