A Fragile World – A Fused Glass World

claire sleep over 2013 011welcome complete 002welcome complete 004 welcome complete 003 welcome complete 007welcome complete 005 Grout Elementary SE Portland,OR made great strides over the past 5 years to introduce 500 students grades 4th and 5th to the Art and Science of glass.  This year I met my final 100 students who had just begun First Grade when we  initially designed and began the first phase of the project.  These students have witnessed the Universe on the ceiling, the flow of 50 glass fused fish on the river beds and all the imaginary and real animals and insects they selected from their own known environments.  It has been such a pleasure to work with the staff and visionary principal at Grout Elementary.


About glassyact

Native Portland, Or resident artist. Studio owner and builder of large fused glass public installations.
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